Southern Sudan Health Project

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Political conflict in South Sudan set the world’s youngest nation into violence, displacing over two million people, and creating what the World Health Organization (WHO) calls a “man-mad humanitarian crisis” (2016).  The WHO reports that over 5 million are in need of aid and at least 3 million risk starvation.

The Southern Sudan Health Project (SSHP) health workers provide a quick response to preventive health care to villagers who remain in their homes and to others located in displacement camps.

Currently, eight workers are caring for people in their villages while two workers help in displacement camps.  Many villagers deal with Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) and other water borne diseases that can be treated by the home health promoters (HHPs).  Other health problems result from nutritional deficiencies and the HHPs can meet these needs as well.

The workers provide medications to treat malaria, respiratory illnesses, and other common health issues as well as assist in safe births.  Fortunately, aid organizations such as the United Nations, Red Cross, and Interfaith Medical Assistance (IMA) are able to provide medications to the Bor Country Health Department who supplies the SSHP Home Health Promoters.  The medical facility in Bor still faces damage caused by the conflict, but the health workers can deliver services at the village level enabling villagers to stay at home and receive health care.

We continue to pray and provide financial support for the people of South Sudan and our health care workers.  We are in contact with the coordinator there, who visits the workers in the field and collaborates the the Bor County Health Supervisor.  The supervisor reports the workers actively serve their people despite the conflict and conditions in the displacement camps.  Such dedication greatly impacts the health of these vulnerable people.

Please join us for prayer and support so that we may continue our mission with the Home Health Promoters and that the health workers can be the hands and feet of God among their people.

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